Focus on driving — we can handle the rest. ICD Carrier Services is ready to adapt to your business’s needs and provide you with high-quality service. We give Owner/Operators and Small Fleets the tools to compete with large fleets.

We strive to bring value to your company by keeping your truck loaded on a consistent basis. Earn consistent cashflow without having to worry about where to find your next load.

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ICD Carrier Services is backed by over 60 years of experience in the trucking industry. We want to use our experience to help owner/operators Save Time and Move More Freight. So, we created our Carrier Services Division to do just that.

Our goal is to help you grow your book of business AND give you more freedom in your off time. We will be Your Bridge to Success! When you work with us, you’ll spend less time filling out paperwork and looking for loads, and more time driving and making money.

We believe what goes around comes around, which is why we vow to treat all of our clients with respect, honesty, and integrity. Another concept we believe in is hustle. We are going to do everything we can to deliver the highest quality service.


Own Your Downtime
› We’ll take care of finding your backhauls
› We talk to brokers/shippers/receivers so you don’t have to
› Sit back and relax during your downtime!

Move More Freight & Earn More Money
› Less time searching = More time driving
› We’ll find you a load home so you don’t have to deadhead it
› We book you the freight you miss out on while driving!

Maintain Control
We provide options –> You choose
› We never book loads without your permission
› No weekly minimum –> Use us once a week or all the time!

We’ll save you the hassle of filling out tedious broker packets. We’ll credit check brokers with your factoring company for you. Own Your Downtime!

Getting your operating authority can be a chore, let us handle that for you! We’ll quickly get you your MC Number so you can start moving freight.

MC number // DOT number // MCS – 150 filing // BOC – 3 filing //UCR // SCAC Code // IRP / IFTA account set up


Find out more about ICD Dispatch with these Frequently Asked Questions.

What is this going to cost me?

We charge 5% of what the loads pay OR $295/week per truck, whichever is cheaper. The 5% choice is recommended for getting started.

If you’re interested in us creating your invoices and sending them out, we charge 6% of what the loads pay OR $345/week per truck, whichever is cheaper.

How often do I have to use your service?

There is no minimum load count, you may use this service however often you’d like. It could be everyday or just once a month.

How does it work?

To get signed up, follow the instructions on the Carrier Agreement including completing the carrier profile, signing paper work, and submitting insurance, proof of authority, and W9 tax form.

There is NO initiation fee!

Once you’re signed up, let us know when and where you’ll be empty and where you’d like to go. First, we’ll check with ICD’s brokerage to see if they have a load for you. Then, we’ll use load boards to bring you options and you choose which one you’d like to run.

When should I use this?/How is it going to benefit me?

We will search the load boards, so you don’t have to. Our services will help you Own Your Downtime so you can focus on life outside of driving.

You’ll spend less time searching leading to more time driving and More Money in your pocket.

You maintain control of your truck. We won’t force you to take loads you don’t want and you always have the final say on which one you want.

We will book the good backhauls you’re missing out on while you’re behind the wheel.

Is there forced dispatch?

No. We’ll never book a load without your permission and approval.

Are there any quick pay options?

Any load that Carrier Services books through the InterCity Direct Brokerage is eligible for next day pay, at no charge to you. Just have your invoice turned in by noon, and you’ll have your settlement tomorrow.

We’ll soon be offering factoring and quick pay for loads booked outside for your brokerage as well.

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"You wouldn't believe how relaxing it is to drive my truck when ICD Carrier Services is busting it to find my next load. All I have to do is drive!"
James - DB Express
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